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This website is the online home of Gabe Clogston, artist, graphic designer, editorial cartoonist and more. On this site you will find all of my cartoons and comics I have done over the years, and well as examples of my logo design, graphic design, advertising design, and other artwork. To view my work select the category you are interested in viewing from the drop down menu on the right side of this page. I am still in the process of adding some of my older work, so you may notice that some of the cagetories will be growing in the near future. Feel free to leave questions or comments on any of my pieces, or if you are looking to contact me about some freelance work you will also find my contact information on the right side bar as well. Thank you, and enjoy! - Gabe Clogston


Letter to the Editor 04-11-2017

A ‘Letter to the Editor’ that published in todays Highlands News-Sun.

Cartoons are right on target
Letter to the Editor, Highlands News-Sun, 04/12/17
Kudos to Gabe Clogston for his “Local Look” political cartoons. The last two were great – especially the “Dumpster controversy” one.
I am looking forward to many more.
I know it is difficult to find someone in a smaller town who can make such creative, well-done and spot-on items. We are, indeed, lucky.
Thank you, sir.
David J.W. Schmidt, Sebring

The Return of Local Look

It is official, after an extended hiatus, my goodbye editorial cartoon for Highlands Today has opened the door for a weekly return of Local Look starting next Sunday in The Highlands News Sun. Like many in this community I had my hesitations after the merger was announced, but they are really trying to shape the new daily paper into a product that this community can be proud of and I am happy to be a part of it. I hope everyone will check it out, and let me know what you think.

Sunday Editorial Cartoon 9-18-2016

As many of you know, after 5 years of drawing cartoons for the newspaper, I took a break to go back to school. After I settled in at school I made some effort to start back up again, but at that time the newspaper was not in a position to bring me back, their parent company was looking to cut costs and hiring an editorial cartoonist was not in the cards. I always assumed I would return to it someday, I knew my Editor and mentor Richard Hensley wanted to bring it back as soon as he could, I would never have started the cartoon in the first place it not for him. But when Richard passed away after a battle with cancer at the beginning of this year, I had a sinking feeling that I would never draw another editorial cartoon.

So, when it was announced that Highlands Today had been purchased by is local competition the Highlands News-Sun and that it would cease publication after merging their staff into a new daily Highlands News-Sun, I knew I had to grab my pen one last time and say goodbye. So, for the first time in 3 years, expect a new Local Look in your Highlands Today this Sunday for their final publication.

Thank you Highlands Today, you will be missed.

Richard Hensley

I still remember one day back in February of 2007, I had been a graphic designer at Highlands Today for about a year, when Richard walked through the art department and asked me if I had ever thought about trying to draw an editorial cartoon. That started a crazy 5 year journey working very closely with Richard with him as my mentor teaching me how much you can and can’t piss everyone off as an editorial cartoonist. I am sad that financially I wasn’t able to make a career out of editorial cartoons with the crumbling newspaper industry… but I learned a lot about myself as an artist and a visual storyteller, and I owe so much of that to Richard. Rest in peace my friend.

Sunday Cartoon 07-14-13

My Sunday cartoon will not be running in Highlands Today this weekend.

Essentially it was deemed to be a little too controversial for our small community and, more importantly it seems, I might be a little too close to the controversy in some peoples eyes. I strongly disagree with this opinion, but I understand and respect the hesitation of my editor to run the cartoon in the newspaper. While it does upset me that my cartoon will not be seen by people outside of the internet, more importantly it upsets me that this censorship is exactly what the person in question wants. Because he is in a position of power he has been able to use his power to quietly manipulate, and without breaking any laws or making any threats he has played his cards right and one of the biggest news stories in our community may be off limits to me. Well played.

Letter to the Editor 05-29-13

A ‘Letter to the Editor’ that published in the Highlands Today.

Not Howdy Doody
Adam Putnam is a great young man and a most qualified commissioner of agriculture. Gabe Clogston’s “cartoon“, I guess, was supposed to be comical, but picturing Adam as the clown “Howdy Doody” was in poor taste to me. There is nothing more cheery than a red-headed, freckle-faced Florida Cracker like Adam. It reminds me (of myself) as a boy growing up with freckles in Sulphur Springs north of Tampa. Adam is doing a great job, and some day I hope he is Governor of our great state. Gabe, be creative in cartooning and don’t copy someone else’s character. Looks like an infringement to me.
Bob Hjort, Lake Placid

Site Updates

I have been working on updating the site and adding some new features. I am in the process of streamlining some sections, and eliminating others. I have added Facebook integration, which has a few small bugs at this time. I have every intention of keeping the site much more up to date from this point forward, and I hope these changes will make it a little easier for me to do that.

Letter to the Editor 07-09-12

A ‘Letter to the Editor’ that published in the Highlands Today.

Political cartoons
We look forward to, and appreciate, the political cartoons by Gabe Clogston on Sunday mornings. Not only is Mr. Clogston very talented as far as his drawings go, but he “hits it out of the park” on the subject matter. It is obvious a great deal of thought and feelings go into his work.
Niel and Carole Muir, Sebring


My cartoon that appeared in Highlands Today on February 12 has received quite a lot of attention, most of it misdirected. The cartoon referenced recent news stories about Obama’s healthcare plan and it’s effect on the Catholic Church. The intention of the cartoon was simply to use imagery to get people talking about the news. In some ways it was wildly successful, but it seems that there is also a very vocal minority that has chosen to view the cartoon as an attack and have asked for a public apology. I will not apologize for my cartoon. To apologize for the cartoon would imply that it was a mistake, that I was not proud of the work, or that I viewed it as unsuccessful. I do not believe any of these scenarios are true. I simply cannot control how some people have interpreted my cartoon, and I cannot control the conversations it has started. You could argue that this makes my cartoon unsuccessful, but this has been the case with every single one of my cartoons, it is the case with every editorial cartoon ever drawn, it is the case with every piece of art ever drawn… painted, photographed, written, or composed. That is what makes it art, and art should never be apologized for.

Thank you and God bless,
Gabe Clogston



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