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This website is the online home of Gabe Clogston, artist, graphic designer, editorial cartoonist and more. On this site you will find all of my cartoons and comics I have done over the years, and well as examples of my logo design, graphic design, advertising design, and other artwork. To view my work select the category you are interested in viewing from the drop down menu on the right side of this page. Feel free to leave questions or comments on any of my pieces, or if you are looking to contact me about some freelance work you will also find my contact information on the right side bar as well. Thank you, and enjoy! – Gabe Clogston

Editorial Cartoon 06-25-2017

Editorial Cartoon 06-18-2017

Editorial Cartoon 06-11-2017

Letter to the Editor 06-09-2017

A ‘Letter to the Editor’ that published in todays Highlands News-Sun.

‘Canes deserve more respect
Letter to the Editor, Highlands News-Sun, 06/09/17
Re: Gabe’s (whoever that is) stupid cartoon “Miami Hurricanes Mostly Hot Air
FYI, Gabe, the ‘Canes have won no less than 10 national championships in football and baseball, and are regarded by anyone who has a clue as the greatest college football dynasty of all time.
They have beaten the anemic Florida Gators seven out of the last eight times they’ve played them in football, and next year the ‘Canes are projected to land a top three recruiting class.
Oh, and don’t forget their ACC basketball championship. But don’t worry, that’s only the best conference in the country. You know, Duke, North Carolina, and Virginia? Have you ever heard of Clemson? No, I didn’t think so.
The University of Miami — held in high esteem academically and more first round NFL draft picks than anyone. Wise up, Gabe.
Ozzie Keagy, Lake Placid

Editorial Cartoon 06-04-2017

Editorial Cartoon 05-29-2017

Editorial Cartoon 05-28-2017

Editorial Cartoon 05-21-2017

Editorial Cartoon 05-14-2017



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