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This website is the online home of Gabe Clogston, artist, graphic designer, editorial cartoonist and more. On this site you will find all of my cartoons and comics I have done over the years, and well as examples of my logo design, graphic design, advertising design, and other artwork. To view my work select the category you are interested in viewing from the drop down menu on the right side of this page. I am still in the process of adding some of my older work, so you may notice that some of the cagetories will be growing in the near future. Feel free to leave questions or comments on any of my pieces, or if you are looking to contact me about some freelance work you will also find my contact information on the right side bar as well. Thank you, and enjoy! - Gabe Clogston

Editorial Cartoon 04-16-2017

Letter to the Editor 04-11-2017

A ‘Letter to the Editor’ that published in todays Highlands News-Sun.

Cartoons are right on target
Letter to the Editor, Highlands News-Sun, 04/12/17
Kudos to Gabe Clogston for his “Local Look” political cartoons. The last two were great – especially the “Dumpster controversy” one.
I am looking forward to many more.
I know it is difficult to find someone in a smaller town who can make such creative, well-done and spot-on items. We are, indeed, lucky.
Thank you, sir.
David J.W. Schmidt, Sebring

Editorial Cartoon 04-09-2017

Editorial Cartoon 04-02-2017

Editorial Cartoon 03-26-2017

Editorial Cartoon 03-19-2017

Editorial Cartoon 03-05-2017

Editorial Cartoon 02-26-2017

Editorial Cartoon 02-19-2017



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