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Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor 04-11-2017

A ‘Letter to the Editor’ that published in todays Highlands News-Sun.

Cartoons are right on target
Letter to the Editor, Highlands News-Sun, 04/12/17
Kudos to Gabe Clogston for his “Local Look” political cartoons. The last two were great – especially the “Dumpster controversy” one.
I am looking forward to many more.
I know it is difficult to find someone in a smaller town who can make such creative, well-done and spot-on items. We are, indeed, lucky.
Thank you, sir.
David J.W. Schmidt, Sebring

Letter to the Editor 05-29-13

A ‘Letter to the Editor’ that published in the Highlands Today.

Not Howdy Doody
Adam Putnam is a great young man and a most qualified commissioner of agriculture. Gabe Clogston’s “cartoon“, I guess, was supposed to be comical, but picturing Adam as the clown “Howdy Doody” was in poor taste to me. There is nothing more cheery than a red-headed, freckle-faced Florida Cracker like Adam. It reminds me (of myself) as a boy growing up with freckles in Sulphur Springs north of Tampa. Adam is doing a great job, and some day I hope he is Governor of our great state. Gabe, be creative in cartooning and don’t copy someone else’s character. Looks like an infringement to me.
Bob Hjort, Lake Placid

Letter to the Editor 07-09-12

A ‘Letter to the Editor’ that published in the Highlands Today.

Political cartoons
We look forward to, and appreciate, the political cartoons by Gabe Clogston on Sunday mornings. Not only is Mr. Clogston very talented as far as his drawings go, but he “hits it out of the park” on the subject matter. It is obvious a great deal of thought and feelings go into his work.
Niel and Carole Muir, Sebring

Letter to the Editor 02-17-12

A ‘Letter to the Editor’ that published in the Highlands Today.

Bad cartoon
Not only was Sunday’s “Local Look” by Gabe Clogston, comparing the Eucharist to birth control pills, an affront to Catholics, but it also shows remarkably bad judgment by an editor who allowed it to be published. What can we expect next? Perhaps the Jewish menorah being portrayed as the devil’s pitchfork?
James Freyler, Sebring

Letter to the Editor 10-04-11

A ‘Letter to the Editor’ that published in the Highlands Today.

Crude and vulgar cartoon
My dad taught me when one resorts to vulgar language, especially publicly, it is an indication that one is either ignorant or bent on being crude. I don’t need to call your cartoonist, Gabe Clogston, either ignorant or crude, for he has shown himself to be both. His choice of words in Sunday’s paper seems to indicate his junior-high mentality. He would feel right at home walking the halls of our high schools in today’s culture. Please edit this person’s work since many of your subscribers have youngsters in residence and their young minds will consider what is printed in the newspaper to be acceptable, while it is just gutter or bathroom language. While I do not know if this is a local cartoonist or not, your readers will easily assume Highlands Today thinks it’s cute. His parlance seems to be the norm today and that’s sad. Guess I may be considered a prude, but at least my dad would not be ashamed of me. Here’s a hooray for the fine English teachers in our county and a boo to the cartoonist; may he incorporate more maturity in his attempt at humor.
Bob Hjort, Lake Placid

Letter to the Editor 03-10-08

A ‘Letter to the Editor’ that published in the Highlands Today.

Drunken Race Fans?
Short and sweet, the cartoon displaying a race driver and a team member in the pit discussing the high cost of gasoline and suggesting the 12 hours of Sebring race be cut to 3 hours is understandable and funny. But cartoonist, Gabe Clogston, also implying in words that everyone at the race is drunk and probably wouldn’t notice the time change anyway is not funny. I am surprised Highlands Today would allow Clogston the privilege of insulting the fans of this yearly event. You need a little tuning up yourself, Gabe. May I suggest that if a race fan can pronounce “Clogston” they are considered sober. I hope you take that as funny!
Carl Hoyt, Sebring



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