For most residential areas, walkways are a common project. You can install them as a sidewalk or in your backyard. Typically, a team of professionals handles this type of concrete project. The reason for this is that they know how much concrete to use and how to install it properly.  

Though things might vary depending on the design layout of the neighborhood and the roads paved, there is a standard thickness that you have to follow for concrete walkways. Aside from having the right thickness or depth, concrete walkways also need the right experience and knowledge to properly install.  

So, should you hire concrete contractors Louisville KY for your concrete walkway installation? Let’s find out. 

Proper Reinforcement 

Laid-down reinforcement is one thing that you cannot install on your own. This is something that you can talk to professionals to determine the ideal way to go about it. It will cost you extra. However, if you’re sure that your walkway requires reinforcement, you’ll require something like a sealer coat to lower the potential of cracks, potholes, and other potential problems.  


Laying down concrete work needs actual craftsmanship to guarantee it is functional and looks great at the same time. Professional concrete contractors can smoothly lay it down and will not fail until the end of the process. This type of skill is something that only comes out right from years of experience.  

Guarantee Better Lifespan and Higher Durability 

If you do not have the skills and experience needed, DIY projects never go well. Of course, you can read all the tips and guides online. However, you cannot ensure that it will work until the concrete dries out.  

Concrete contractors know what the correct mix is. They know how thick the walkway should be. They can also tell you how long it can be until you require a new coat of concrete. Usually, their estimates will greatly vary in the form of the project. 

For residential walkways, it might have a longer lifespan since fewer people pass through it on a day-to-day basis unlike road sidewalks and commercial walkways.  

Is Concrete Walkway Thickness Important? 

The concrete’s thickness greatly contributes to how long your walkways will last. However, it is not the only factor you should consider. The quality of the concrete mix is also very crucial to guarantee that your walkways are durable and structured properly.  

Because of this, this kind of project is something that you can’t do yourself. It consumes a lot of time. Also, you might not do it properly. You might end up having to replace your walkway a lot sooner than expected.  

How Thick Should Concrete Walkways Be? 

Four inches is the standard thickness for concrete walkways. This will be durable enough to last for several years. This thickness can support the weight of people, bikes, and hand carts.  

However, a professional concrete contractor might change the thickness of your concrete walkway installation depending on how much traffic your area gets during peak hours. Thus, it’s best to hire one.